WELCOME TO COCKPITTABLES.COM, where we have been creating  marine boat tables in our workshop for over 30 years.  Custom designs and inlays make each of our boat tables one of a kind, every time!

Check out our line of teak cockpit tables for deck dining on your boat or our line of starboard plastic boat tables for yachts available with hi-lo pedestals.  Mounted to the floor or portable with folding leaves, our beautiful solid wood boat tables can be used inside or out.  For sailboat tables, yacht tables and boat tables for trawlers, 

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Folding-leaf cockpit table
Cockpit table with leaves folded
Cockpit table folded down

Our custom teak cockpit tables are constructed from solid planks of teak–no veneers!  

Our line of starboard plastic cockpit tables are made from solid HDPE plastic, not edged for longevity and aesthetics.  All our starboard plastic tables are made from solid, 3/4″ materials and all of our custom boat tables are supported by stainless steel.  

We use folding brackets to safely support our cockpit tables that have folding leaves. 

All of our boat tables feature our unique undercarriage that is out of the way of your legs, giving the table necessary support without sacrificing comfort.   

Four leaf cockpit dining-table in folded position
Cockpit dining table with inlaid design
Stainless steel hinges for folding cockpit table mount

Specially constructed unique undercarriage design does not require 
traditional,extended end support, eliminating a common source of table collapse.